Thursday, 11 January 2018


Winter - A/P    blind embossed collagraph 12x20cm   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec  
Winter continues with it's dark, cold and damp here on the south coast. It may not be the best light for painting but work continues with printmaking, sketching and planning for this lovely fresh new year.

In December I had made a collagraph plate of a lone winter tree the first print of which I used for my Christmas card. Well I have made a further three prints from this plate and one blind print (a print with no ink that just shows as an embossed image). It is a technique which I rather like especially mounted and framed completely white on white - very crisp and pure.

All three are available at Seaside Studios Uk on Etsy.

  Winter - 1/3          collagraph print        12x20cm   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

A digitally manipulated version of this image is available as reproduction prints and cards on my RedBubble site

Winter tree moon II  reproduction print   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec


Judy said...

Beautiful! I love the embossed version! Happy painting in 2018, Lisa!

Chris Lally said...

Love that winter mystery and magic, Lisa! Beautiful pieces.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... Love each of the prints for their own intrinsic differences... but the embossed version shines brightest in my heart!

"Simply"... stunning! Bravo!!

Happy New Year from snowy... and blowy Rockport!

Warmest regards,

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Judy, thank you. I look forward to seeing your work this year too.

Hi Chris, thank you. I have been having a little bop to the Munsters theme tune - thanks for the link :o)

Thank you Bruce. Little signs of Spring are starting to show here which I am grateful for. I hope it's not too cold and blowy for you.