Sketchbook pages

Amongst my most precious possessions are my sketchbooks. I use all sorts of shapes and sizes with different types and different colours of paper. Some are pocket books for quick notes and scribbley sketches, others larger for more finished studies and explorations. These are just a few pages showing the kind of thing they contain.

palette experiments and colours combinations in watercolour and acrylic   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Sketchbook pages are good for trying out different palettes and combinations of colours. Many of the colours that I choose for paintings come from physical objects, sometimes picked up on site. I take them back to the studio and play with colour mixing replicating them and recreating aspects of the experience of the location.

Tonal sketches in watercolour   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Gouache on buff coloured paper and watercolour colour notes on cartridge

Charcoal and chalk on white cartridge

Watercolour and pencil experiments on cartridge paper

pen and watercolour exploration

Some things will probably never make it from sketchbook to painting. They are doodles/ experiments and ideas. I sometimes like to play with pattern making, taking lines or colours for a walk. This kind of play can be great for sparking ideas about other work. Although none of my work (to date) resembles any of these patterns I have repeatedly used this palette of colours.

Observational studies are a very important part of my practise and are another way that I can explore different subjects, challenge and stretch myself.