Sunday, 19 September 2010

Preview Night of Autumnal Showcase at the Hayloft

 Wow! What a night! I am pleased to report that the preview for the Hayloft exhibition went exceptionally well. We had lots of lovely visitors and some really good feedback on all the work. There was a  good buzz as we greeted our guests and it was really great to see such a good turnout.

We had hung the show the previous evening and it was very exciting to see all the work going up. Whilst every artist has a very distinctive voice the work really gels well as a show. My particular favourites are a series of silver birch by Laura Moseley, a mono print of bamboo by Chloe Weeks, a diptych of sand dunes by Eve Hill and a gorgeous floral triptych by Harriet Schofield.

Out of my work, Burnished, a painting of the reed beds at Christchurch Bay looking towards the Priory, received a lot of attention. It is based on a series of sketches that I did around the end of April beginning of May during the evening. Everything had such a warm glow, there was a gentle breeze rustling the reeds and the water looked like a mirror. It was so tranquil.

It's always nice to see work in a gallery setting, I find it so different to seeing them in the studio, it really helps me to evaluate the direction that I am going in.

When I'm hanging and in the middle of a show I have so many new ideas for new work. In fact whilst stewarding the show yesterday I was busily sketching out thumbnails and ideas for my next series and deciding what references I need to get. I had better get organised, as the weather will be turning colder and damper soon and its quite hard to sketch on the clifftop in the winter wind and  rain. I am, I'm afraid, a bit of a fair weather sketcher ;)


Jazz said...

hello lisa,

your paintings look very calming and serene in the gallery space - best of luck with the exhibition!

p.s. i know what you mean about new work & exhibitions - the end of a chapter always signals the start of a new one!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I can't wait to see the new chapter that you share on your blog. Thank you for your comment.

vivien said...

I agree about seeing them in a gallery setting - it takes them a step away and you see them clearly, less absorbed in them than when you are still working or they are very new.

Looking good :>) hope you get lots of sales

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Vivien, thank you. I'm forging on with lots of new work now. It's funny how seeing the work all together has sparked so much off. Having all the uploads side by side on flickr has done it again. I've made a mental note how the change of context has fired me up with ideas for the next time the block rears it's ugly head.

Hope your exhibition is going well.