Thursday, 19 May 2011

Down by the riverside

I've squeezed a bit of time in to paint today before I go to Christchurch to help hang the Hayloft exhibition. This is the beginning of the next painting in my river series. All the beautiful fresh greens of the new growth are inspiring. Tomorrow I will have time to work on the water, I can't wait!

The painting is 10x10 inch and I'm using azure blue, cadmium yellow light, raw and burnt sienna and deep violet. There's a dash of burnt umber in the watermark of the reeds.


Paul Coventry-Brown said...

Hi Lisa
I like the composition shifted more towards the top and the ripples spreading out as though the viewer has disturbed the water themselves :-)
Never been to Dorset (I think they have a sign 'Scousers Keep Out') but it looks like you are in a nice spot (not sure I'd trade the sunshine of S W France and my trees full of cherries and plums for the UK though ;-)

Caroline said...

Lisa to me the painting is finished it is very fresh looking and has a contemporary feel to it. For me it has the colours of summer and the minimalist statement is very strong. More an emotive work. Has Jala seen this!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Paul, thank you for stopping over and taking time to comment. I don't blame you for not wanting to swop France for Dorset but if you did want to visit the ban has been lifted now ;o)

Hi Caroline, thank you. In the real the paint application was looking quite rough and I have been working on it today. It's such a fine balance between working enough and over working but it's getting closer to my intention now. Have a great weekend.