Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pulpit rock

The coastal feature that is Pulpit Rock was cut away by quarry men at Bill quarry on the island of Portland in the 1870's. Some brave souls climb to the top of the stack - I've never fancied it myself, not having a head for heights. The stone is a beautiful mellow yellowish grey and the shadow colours that fall on it a delicious blue violet. This sketch was done with inktense pencils, sepia waterproof pen and a white gel pen. I tried to capture the moment inbetween heavy showers where the sun shines through lighting up the wet rock and making strong tonal contrasts.

After all the excitement of exhibitions I'm feeling a little flat so I'm going to be taking a mini break from blogging for a week or so whilst I spend some time out sketching on location and researching some new ideas for my next series of paintings. When I'm back I will have some exciting material to share, until then I wish everyone a wonderfully creative week.


Michael Bailey said...

Lovely sketch Lisa. I like the technique you used for the waves. Must get a white gel pen now :) It's an awesome place and though I've wanted to I've never managed to ascend to the top due to not-good-with-heights syndrome! Have you posted any other pieces of Portland such as the lighthouse?

Roger Seddon said...

This is a nice piece Lisa. You have inspired me to go there and try for myself. I have often watched bass fishermen perched on the top of Pulpit Rock casting out to sea in the most awful weather. I feel something dramatic coming on. Hope you are enjoying your break and return with fully charged batteries. See you soon. We must arrange our trip out.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Michael, thank you for the link on your blog. I like the sketchbook page you've done with the white gel pen, it's interesting to try to something new isn't it. I haven't attempted the lighthouse yet but it is on my list of paintings to get done. I think I will have to go back down that way to get some more reference - any excuse ;o)

Hi Roger, thank you for commenting, I've had a lovely break and am definately recharged. Let me know when you are free for a sketch trip.