Tuesday, 5 July 2011

La Rocco Tower and skies - Jersey

You may remember this post from February where I accepted the challenged posed by Loriann and tried a painting purely from memory of  La Rocco Tower. On this trip I took a photo from the other side of the bay from the causeway that leads to Corbiere lighthouse.  (The viewpoint of the painting from the February's post was from the beach behind.) I think I may have to paint the tower from this angle too.

In truly British fashion I thought I'd show a couple of examples of the weather from the trip. This sketchbook page was done on the ferry at the start of the journey in watercolour. 

Fortunately the rest of the time was spent with skies like this;

Summer Skies
acrylic on board 11x16cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec


Michael Bailey said...

Yes indeed Lisa, we Brits love to moan about the weather and, if and when we can, we paint it too! That cirrus sky is just absolutely gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely time with your folks :)

Anonymous said...

Both of these are just lovely, Lisa.....

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Michael, thanks about the painting. It was great to have a catch up with the family and visit 'home' (I haven't lived there for years but still think of it that way). Your trip must be coming up soon, I'll look forward to seeing some sketches.

Hi Maggie, thank you :o)