Friday, 6 January 2012

Not a good start..

It hasn't been the best start to the year. His Nibbs and I spent Christmas in Jersey, staying with my parents and my sister who was home from Uni - Christmas was lovely... Unfortunately New Years Eve was spent at the hospital as my Dad was taken ill. It was a week of worry and hospital visits. He's out of hospital and resting at home now which is probably driving him nuts as he's not very good at resting.... (poor mum). If you are reading this dad, please take it slow and be good.

I haven't been painting but have been visiting everyone else's blogs and would like to thank you for the welcome distraction.

The images below are from my sketchbook and were done before Christmas. Every now and again it's good to do something completely different, just about playing around and seeing where an idea; in this case a shape - will take me. Maybe it will develop into something and on the other hand maybe not.....

pen and ink

watercolour applied to the leaves and printed

digital sketch I
digital sketch II

digital sketch III

Back soon and hopefully back to normal....


Lydie said...

This Christmas is fortunately a wicked memory, I wish.
I enjoy these impressions of leaves in watercolor, very light and freh as the air.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hello there Lisa!... Happy New Year... and welcome back!

Nice loose fun - all of your Ginko Guys!

Sorry to hear of your Dad's sudden illness. Fingers crossed for "Him"!

As for any worry about a poor start for the New Year Lisa:

"the snow falls,
each flake in it's appropriate place."
- a zen proverb

All will be well... patience and more hard work... the kind that you produced consistently during last year!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is doing better now. I did wonder about you yesterday, as I had not seen a blog post from you. This time of year, which is supposed to be full of promise and re-birth often ends up with having to deal with illness, death and general feelings of malaise.....I don't know why.
I love your printed leaves...did you water your watercolour down very much for this? I would imagine it would work better with acrylic.

Theresa Evans said...

Hi Lisa. Sorry to hear about your dad but great that he's getting better.

I love the way you've interpreted these leaves in different ways .. especially the printed ones. I sometimes use monoprinted elements as a start for highly textured areas.... fun!

Happy 2012

Caroline said...

Hello Lisa! welcome back! I hope your dad makes a full recovery soon. I love the sketches and the fresh watercolour leaves, very bonny indeed. Looking forward to seeing more wee gems very soon. take care.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Lydie, thank you for your support it has been a worrying time. I think it's where the watercolour missed on the print that gives them the light quality. Maybe there is a lesson in this for me?

Hello Bruce, love the proverb. Thank you for your very kind words, wisdom and good wishes. I'm taking your advice and getting down to some hard work.

Hi Maggie, Dad is doing better now thank you. - it was quite fluid watercolour for the leaf prints. Acrylic was too gungey to get the delicate veining. Interesting new blog btw, bookbinding is so interesting but I don't know where you find the time.

Hi Theresa, thank you. I love monoprinting and am thinking up ways I can use them in paintings at the moment. I think I need a few more play days ;o)

Hello Caroline thank you for your kind words and wishes. The leaves made a nice change from the seascapes, a change of subject and approach can really blow the cobwebs away.