Thursday, 3 September 2015

Spots! A feather drypoint

Spots!   drypoint with watercolour   plate size 3.5x7.5cm   ©2015LisaLeQuelenec

I rather enjoyed working on a mini plate even though it was hard on the eyes and hands. The plate was printed onto HOT PRESS watercolour paper and then I have mounted each print onto a piece of handmade paper (approx 11x15cm) for a contrast in texture. I'm not sure which way around I prefer the image to go, I think it works both ways.

Available individually at my Etsy shop Seasidestudiosuk


Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Lisa!... Very skillfully executed... and presented! First class really!

My favourite version is the middle one with the sort of sepia tone.... I like the warmness.

I think that the feather can "float" either up or down... but I like the upward version best... just a preference!

Good Painting and Printing!
Warmest regards,

RH Carpenter said...

I like these whether they are floating up or down :) The spots must have been the devil to keep right!!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Bruce, thank you. I gravitate toward the warmer colours too, especially this time of year as the autumn chill starts ;o)

Thanks Rhonda, the spots were a pain! I was glad it was only a small plate lol. (Your print should be with you very soon.)