Monday, 13 February 2012

Flying High

You may remember a little while back a sketchbook page that I posted of lots of studies of gulls flying. What followed from there was a small watercolour painting of gulls flying over the sea. This idea/theme had been churning over in my mind for quite some time now but I was unsure how to proceed and the watercolour hadn't quite stated my intention. Quite a few thumbnails and variations followed and below are the first two paintings in a new series.

Flying High I
6x8inch acrylic on paper
©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

Flying High II
6x8inch acrylic on paper
©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

It is always exciting to see the first glimmers of a new series of work come to fruition. With no horizon, land, sea etc distracting the eye there can only be a focus on the light, movement and scale. I've a hunch that these will develop in a more semi-abstract way as I work. These first two are small in scale and I have begun work today on the next piece which is a larger format.

Both of the above paintings are available in my Etsy store  here  and  here and come presented in a textured white mount.


RH Carpenter said...

Both are beautiful - you're right, it's all about the light and shapes you've created.

Judy said...

This is so beautiful! The light is wonderful!

Caroline Simmill said...

There is a spirtual element about these beautiful wee paintings Lisa.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Lisa!.... These two airy paintings really do underscore the value of the sketchbook... and field work!

Sometimes... we "soar"... to new heights... with the simplest of concepts and changes of direction and thinking!

Good Luck with your "Idea"... and series!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Egle said...

Great idea! Composition, colours - bring a real sence of freedom, at least to me :)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Rhonda, thank you.

Hello Judy, thank you. I'm thinking/dreaming of dazzling sunshine.. I hope you are staying warm.

Hi Caroline, thank you. I hadn't looked at it like that but I see it now.... all the blue and halos of light perhaps...?

Treasured possessions sketchbooks, I've always got a few on the go that are different formats with different papers. I think working within strict limitations can be good as it forces you to think more creatively and be more inventive. Hopefully I will make it to soaring.. ;o) Thank you for commenting.

Hello Egle, welcome. I'm glad the feel of freedom comes across. Thank you for visiting.