Thursday, 15 March 2012

Midnight Stroll

Midnight Stroll
acrylic on board 16x11cm
©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

Apart from watercolour studies it feels like I haven't painted anything really small for a while. I enjoy painting small as it feels like a much for intimate experience both as you paint and as a viewer. I like the way you have to get up close and peer into small paintings. It's been a nice distraction from a larger canvas that I've been working on for the last few weeks. That one is building up very slowly layer upon layer so it's nice to work on something that gives a faster result.

This painting has been inspired by the charcoal drawings that I found from the previous post. I think there is a large painting in there somewhere but for now I'm going to enjoy a small scale.

Midnight Stroll
acrylic on board 16x11cm
©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

I thought I would add a photo of the painting mounted up. I used this photo in the Etsy listing in my shop. If you were looking for a painting to buy would a photo like this help in giving you a sense of scale and more of an idea of the presentation? Is there a better way that I could do this? I normally use props like glass vases, shells, flowers etc in the photo. Do you think this is distracting?

I've seen some people use an image where the painting has been photoshopped into a room interior and they show the painting above a sofa. I don't think this would work for me as the paintings are smaller scale. What would you do?


vivien said...

You can list 3 views can't you?

I think this is really good as one of the alternative views as it does show it in context and shows how nicely presented it is.

Jane said...

Gorgeous painting, what a great light and such a romantic mood, really love it! I think you present the painting very well like this because it gives an idea of the proportions. Being a great lover of vases, I admit though, that I took a long and hard glance at these gorgeous two :-))

Judy said...

Beautiful blues! I also think it is a good way of presenting the painting (and I also love the vases). :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

There is gratification in working on something small and it brings its own tests of patience and skill as well.

This nocturne is lovely and mat and setting enhance it.

One of my pet peeves online are the 'in your face' views of art always filling the screen. I like to see how work looks from a natural viewpoint. I'd use this view in your Etsy shop. As Vivien said, you can add several images.

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Lisa!... I certainly enjoyed my "Stroll in the Moonlight" with you! One can feel the moonlight... and hear the surf coming ashore!

The "still" evokes the central image and adds a warmth and sense of place... all good presentation points in attracting the eye of a potential buyer!

Good Painting!... and Happy Spring!
Warmest regards,

Lydie said...

Good idea to put this lovely painting in situ .

Unknown said...

Awesome piece, Lisa! I'm the opposite to you and tend to work small most of the time and treat myself to a larger painting now and then! I think it's a great idea to add other objects to your Etsy photos, but I would suggest objects that are of a definite size, like a cup or a fruit bowl/fruit perhaps .. the vases could be any size and don't tell me (the Buyer) how big the painting actually is. Just my two-penneth... for whatit's worth :)

hmuxo said...

BEAUTIFUL painting!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Vivien, you can have upto 5 photos but I normally get stuck around 2 or 3. I think 5 is great if you are showing craft type items from different angles but is a lot for paintings.

Hello Jane, welcome and thank you about the painting. I'm a sucker for coloured glass so have a bit of a collection of vases.

Hi Judy, thank you.

Hi Jeanette, working small is an enjoyable challenge. It's so hard to come up with ways to present work on screen. I know what you mean about the 'whole screen shot' thing.

Hello Bruce, glad you like the painting. You will be able to go for moonlit strolls by the sea soon yourself. How exciting!

Bonjour Lydie, merci.

Thank you Michael. I may have to use a coffee cup, I've used one before once. I keep an eye out for props with recogniseable scale features. Fruit is a good idea. Thank you.

Thank you Hilda and welcome.