Tuesday, 29 May 2012

At last!

Oriental poppy sketch   pencil, ink and watercolour on A3 cartridge paper ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

I've been (not very patiently) waiting for my oriental poppies to bloom in the garden. This morning I woke up to not one but two beautiful fiery blooms. In between framing and working on an unexpected commission I took a break to go out and sketch them.

It's been hard the last week to get much painting done as it has suddenly gotten so hot here in the UK. The twenty minutes or so that I was outside today was enough for me in the heat. As I was drawing the sky started to turn a delicious blue/grey that threatened rain but soon passed. I'm hoping for a thunderstorm they might possibly be coming tomorrow. This heat is making me consider a return to oils....


zz said...

Hello there Lisa,
they are beautiful, lovely rich colours !

Lydie said...

The sky has exchanged his clothes of grayness against a bright sunshine here too.
My last seaside sketches gain me a "nice" sunburn in my back neck, it'll require a wide-brimmed hat :)
wow these poppies, they pop of light! (I don't know if it is understandable )

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Carole, welcome and thank you for visiting.

Lydie I feel for you, the sun has been so strong. I hope your sunburn isn't too painful, it can be nasty. It's so easy to get involved in a sketch and forget to reapply the sun screen.
Thank you about the poppies, I think I will be painting more.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... There are rewards for those who watch... and wait patiently!

The reward for you were these "Ladies in Red" that you were anxious to enjoy and record.The reward for us... was the shear joy of observing their delicacy and red sauciness... through your effort and skill!

Beautiful painterly treatment!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,


beautiful poppies

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Red sauciness! lol.. they are a bit! Thank you Bruce.

Thank you Jane, best wishes.