Friday, 11 May 2012

In the soft moonlight

In the Soft Moonlight
Water media 12.5x24cm
©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

Did anyone see the 'big' moon last week? I was hoping for a good view in Jersey but the sky was full of cloud.

This painting began it's life as a piece of paper used to blot excess acrylic ink from another painting. The paper is a rough watercolour paper so the 'print' only took in some areas of the texture. At the time I put the paper aside thinking I would get back to it later and use it for collage. I pulled the piece from a drawer yesterday and began to build more washes of watercolour and acrylic ink into it.

Working more intuitively than I normally would and letting the paint dictate the direction that it wanted to go in, a landscape started to appear. In the sky area I used some pearlescent ink which has added a subtle shimmer. Keeping the paper very wet and tilting the drawing board in different directions to help the flow kept everything very loose which I think helped the ambiguous feeling of a moonlit landscape. I'm left wondering what is just over the rise.


Zoe, ontheroad said...

Good to see you back from holiday.

We had an overcast sky and was unable to see the moon but the light was magnificent.

Caroline Simmill said...

That is a very pretty shade of blue you are using in this soft moonlight painting Lisa. I really love your view from the ferry painting too.

loriann signori said...

I love your moonlight paintings and this one has a little something extra. Its simplicity feels elegant.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Zoe, Glad you got to experience the light. I'm looking forward to next years big moon already and hoping for clearer skies.

Hello Caroline, thanks. It's a mix of different Daler Rowney FW inks with normal acrylic glazed on top. I just need to remember the recipe now...

Hi Loriann, thank you very much! :o)