Thursday, 28 June 2012

Flying through the storm

Flying Through the Storm I, II & III acrylic on board 13x13cm ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

Yay! I'm back online, all is fixed and quickly too. What a relief.

These three little paintings pretty much sum up what I have been seeing over the last week or so. If it's not been pouring then it has been threatening to. There has been a number of gulls endlessly circling and swooping when I look out the window, more than usual. They never fail to surprise me with their size and startling whiteness when I see them up close. Strangely I saw a swan at the beach the other day too. I pointed him in the direction of the river but he seemed quite happy bobbing along near the shore, maybe he fancied a change of scene.


Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Lisa my computer died too! it is amazing to see your latest work as I too have been down by the sea most days sketching and experimenting with some dramatic dark skies for my paintings of the coastline here, often working from my car during the downpour! I really like your swan he is maybe looking for some sunshine, rain here too!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Caroline. It's a frustrating pain in the wotsit isn't it! There is an upside though in that it frees up time for painting. Pooters can be a time drain but I admit to feeling quite isolated without it in a strange kind of way.

The weather has been great for stormy skies lately and the other day I was treated to a really beautiful sea mist that kept lifting and falling. It made everything look quite magical. I will look forward to seeing your new work when you are back up and running.

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa. Good to see you and Caroline have pooter power back again. I agree with you about how freeing it is to go without them for a while though!
I love this trio (triptych?). It's lovely, lovely and lovely! Very much a feeling of the meteorological conditions we're having here in the UK.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... Glad to see and hear that you are "weathering" both storms... especially the "pooter" one.

They really are time drain... whenever they choose to work to work...or as is the issue with my keyboard... type using its own garbled pattern and mind set!...FRUSTRATING!!!! An hour of time of complete a two paragraph post... constantly editing the idiotic outpourings of garbled script!!!!

..but we persevere... don't we?
Hang in there!

Good Painting ... and Posting!
Warmest regards,

ps excuse any tpos (this one swn)... ths is he way itcome out! HA !HA!

vivien said...

I like these - we've had the same weather :>( - yesterday I got caught driving in zero visibiility, apart from the lights of the car in front, in a horzontal deluge of rain and hail in darkness almost like night - where oh where is summer?

zz said...

Lisa, just got back from visiting the Hayloft Gallery. Did enjoy your 'Path in Autumn' painting in the exhibition !!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Michael, thank you. We do seem to be having a bit of 'weather' at the moment don't we. The difference in my veggie patch between this june and last is huge. I need some sun just for my veggies ;o)

Hi Bruce, shlud que cn gwunshtaind wut a shuminablin boote ;o) Happy Canada day!

Hi Vivien, wow that sounds awful! I just don't understand how we are getting such weird extremes. First they tell us that we are in drought then the deluge. I feel for Colorado and wish I could give them some of our rain the fires look terrible. There is trouble afoot with the worlds weather.
Thank you about the paintings.

Good morning Carol, thank you so much for visiting the exhibition. As you can see from the painting it feels like I'm skipping summer this year and going straight to Autumn ;o)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Nothing like enforced isolation from the ether world to spawn more creativity is there? :)

And I love stormy weather for the light and atmosphere. You've brought it to us beautifully in your paintings here.

I was caught in the middle of a thunderstorm yesterday and got some great sky and sea shots for inspiration.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Jeanette, a part of me thinks I should make it a regular thing ;o)

Thank you about the paintings, I'm looking forward to seeing your storms. I'm tempted to explore some sky paintings without any motifs to anchor them in reality - just colour, shape and tone.