Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shell studies

Shell studies   watercolour on paper   ©Lisa Le Quelenec 2012

I've been sitting in the gallery and painting studies in between meeting all the lovely visitors to the exhibition. Seeing paintings in the context of a gallery setting and through the eyes of the public, listening to their thoughts and comments on the work is always interesting. Ideas for new work, new avenues to explore and experiment with are jotted down whilst saying goodbye to work as it goes off to it's new home..... a kind of ebb and flow.

A day of painting in the studio, continuing a canvas started a couple of weeks ago. The break for getting exhibition ready has made it a little harder to settle back into so it's back to battle I go.


Unknown said...

I like these simple yet intricate studies. Especially the middle piece. Would like great framed.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... Lovely, sensitive studies... a profitable way to fill in the hours spent at a booth during an exhibition!

"Ebb and flow"... a perfect description of the creative process! Go with "The Flow"... and enjoy the freedom which that allows!

Good Painting and Happy Summer!
Warmest regards,

RH Carpenter said...

I always love your seashell studies, which are little gems from the sea (and easier to pack than the real things in your suitcase!). Lovely work, as always!

Sherrie York said...

The mussel caught my eye first, but then OH! The "fan" on the left! What subtle color! Gorgeous.

Jeanette Jobson said...

The delicate detail in the shells is wonderful and I agree, they'd make a fabulous triptych framed together.


these are so beautiful lisa ... sounds like your exhibition went well .

Lydie said...

Nice way to occupy his hands during an exhibition.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Kevin, welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Hello Bruce, it's nice to keep busy during the quieter times. The time spent away from the easel is giving me so many ideas that I can't wait to delve back in. I hope you are having a happy summer in your neck of the woods it's raining hard here and quite chilly so no going out sketching at the moment.

Thank you Rhonda. Can't wait to see the work inspired by your trip. I'm very jelous of all that you saw when you went snorkelling, it must have been amazing.

Hi Sherrie, thank you :o)

Hello Jeanette thank you, I think I may need to visit the framer with these...

Hi Jane, the exhibition is going well and another week to go. Thank you about the paintings :o)

Hi Lydie, it's good to keep busy. They are small enough to be able to put down quickly to attend to customers and useful practise.

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Lisa,

Those look great.
It demands some patience and knowledge about colour mixing to depict those. It's not as easy as it may seem at first sight.

Kind regards,


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hello Jose and welcome. Thank you very much for stopping by and your kind comments about my work.

Steve PP said...

Beautiful watercolours on lovely paper, you've captured these brilliantly, Lisa! Have a great day!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hello Steve, thank you very much! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Today the sun is shining (for now) and I'm heading off to the beach. Maybe I'll find some new treasure. Have a great day too.