Sunday, 17 February 2013

Emerging spring

Emerging Spring   mixed media 18x24cm ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

Hurrah! The first daffodil opened in my garden yesterday. Tucked in a dark corner under the apple tree. It's like a little sunny beacon and has inspired this mixed media study.

The paper I used was from my first batch of monoprints with the new ink I got recently. It was an attempt to get a ghost print that didn't really work. I'm feeling my way with printing at the moment and rather than waste all the failed prints I am using them for drawing on as some of the colours and textures are lovely even if the print didn't 'work'. One of the nice things about these inks is that they are still watersoluble once the ink is dried if they are remoistened. So with very wet watercolour washes you can get some rather nice effects - rather like watercolour and charcoal. To regain some of the brightness I used acrylic and some coloured pencil.


Vandy said...

Oh yes, The daffodils are on their way in our garden too. They're not open yet, but the buds are swelling beautifully. Can't wait!

I love the softness and the light in this painting, Lisa. It really does feel like the beginning of spring.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... I send you thanks for sharing your dadie painting and warm spring thoughts of spring! Lovely... in a word!

At -14C here today and better than 18 cm of iced over snow everywhere... our "yellow fellow" would need a jack hammer to reach the sun's light! HA!!

Patience... the morning light is returning ever so much more quickly each day and lasting longer... a certain sign that we too... will be "tip-toeing thru' the tulips"... and the daffies ourselves... very soon!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

eM said...

It´s fantastic that you have your first daffodil opened in your garden! - it´s full of hope that spring comes soon. Here is still snow lying above everything so I will have to wait for the green grass and the first spring flowers. I appreciate your recommendation on the work with ink. I have to try! (I already have pen and ink :). Your todays painting is simply beautiful - with interesting mixed media. Hugs. Marcela

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Vandy, thank you. It won't be long now and there will be yellow everywhere. The days are already getting noticeably longer.

Hi Bruce, daffies with a jack hammer! What an image! I can't imagine -14c brrrrr.... not something we get here. Thank you for visiting.

Hello Marcela, spring comes early here. Our winters are short luckily. Thank you about the painting. I hope you see some sun soon.