Thursday, 10 March 2016

Coastal calm in watercolour
Coastal calm   watercolour on paper 22x22cm   ©2016Lisa Le Quelenec
Sunrise   watercolour on paper 22x22cm   ©2016Lisa Le Quelenec

Two new watercolours available in my Etsy store. I'm looking forward to the spring /summer sun now. Enough of the rain and cold, bring us some warmth. I hope the sun is shining for you.


Bruce Sherman said...

!Good morning Lisa!... These two warm and sunny offerings surely help to drive away the winter greyness and gloom!

Happy Spring and Good painting to you!
Warmest regards,

Susan said...

Lovely calming watercolours and I echo your sentiments for warmth!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Bruce, thank you. It's been nice to see a little spring sunshine this week. The little one and I have been making the most of it with our wanderings. Best wishes.

Hi Susan, thank you. It was a lovely feeling to have the sun on my back yesterday for a short while when I found a spot out of the wind. I appreciated it so much. I hope you find some soon too.