Thursday, 19 April 2018

New watercolour shells added to the collection

Chambered nautilus cross section   21x30cm approx watercolour on paper   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

The sun has finally started to shine bringing a little Spring warmth with it and after heading to the beach for a while I am in the mood for these warmer aqua blues....

I hope the sun is shining for you.

Sea Urchin 21x30cm approx watercolour on paper ©2018LisaLeQuelenec
Starfish 21x30cm approx watercolour on paper ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

All three are available at here on Etsy.


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Lisa - these are three lovely. Your starfish looks like you used a bit of pointillism...superb work. I particularly love that shade of blue you are using. Hope spring is bringing you lots of lovely weather. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

Judy said...

So beautiful! I love the nautilus! And I agree with Debbie: the blue is gorgeous!

Chris Lally said...

Wow-za, Lisa! Each is as gorgeous as the last.
So happy the sun is shining for you (here, too)!

RH Carpenter said...

Love the colors of these - the starfish is my favorite for all the texture on it :).

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Debbie. I think the Spring sunshine went to my head and had me reaching for some brighter colours. The long went winter had rather greyed me out. Best wishes.

Thank you Judy - have a great day.

Hi Chris, sunshine has been the best tonic. It feels a lot later this year and so the colours are a celebration. Hope the sun is still shining for you.

Hi Rhonda, I love painting the knobbles on the starfish ;o)Do you have a beach trip planned soon?