Friday, 8 June 2018


Sailing through the mist II  watercolour on paper 14x19cm   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

We had a little early morning fog a couple of weeks ago. Fog is soft and silent. It muffles sound, confusing the listener. Things loom in and out of focus making everything soft and silhouetted. Yet every time I see, hear or read the word fog in my mind I hear Brian Blessed too much watching Peppa Pig - he is the voice of Grampy Rabbit, and I smile. (I have included a link to a wikipedia page for anyone not familiar with his name or the variety of his achievements - what a life!)

Sailing through the mist  watercolour on paper 14x19cm   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

I will leave you with a quote from the 1980 film Flash Gordon and Brian Blessed's most famous catchphrase;


I hope it brightens your day ;o)


Bruce Sherman said...

Dear Lisa... "Fog comes in on kitty cat feet..." What a scrumptious line from Sandberg's wonderful poem "Fog."

Scrumptious there in a poetic and verbal sense... Just as scrumptious in a visual sense here in your lovely watercolor masterwork!


Warmest regards... and further Good Painting!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh beautiful fog paintings Lisa. I almost can feel the mist n my face. Thanks too for making me smile with Brian Blessed's quote. Hugs!

RH Carpenter said...

So beautiful and peaceful. I can almost hear the muffled sound of the water moving in and out and the soft sussurrations of the sail. Your work is just so lovely and contains a peacefulness to it - always a pleasure to see your newest work, whether it’s watercolor or print or anything in between.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Bruce. The Sandberg is beautiful.

Hi Debbie, thank you. I am glad you liked the Brian Blessed quote. He has such a warm and fun energy whenever I have seen an interview that he never fails to make me smile. I would love to see him in a theatre.

Hi Rhonda, 'sussurration' is a new word for me I love it. Perfect sound and feeling when forming the word- thank you for that. It is perfect for a painting title I have put it in my sketchbook. As always thank you for your support :o)

loriann signori said...

Beautiful fog paintings.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you - means a lot from you. I love your misty/fog river paintings.