Thursday, 12 September 2019

The skies just lately...

The skies just lately   photographs   ©2019LisaLeQuelenec

I have been enjoying looking up just lately. Evenings have been noticeably drawing in and the weather feels on the turn. The recently endless blue is now filling with some quite dramatic cloudscapes - much more interesting to record... I think there will be some clouds on my horizon.

Sky study sketchbook page   acrylic   ©2019LisaLeQuelenec

Sky study sketchbook page   acrylic   ©2019LisaLeQuelenec


Debbie Nolan said...

Wow your sky studies are gorgeous. I see what you mean about how the clouds change with the season. Your art always speaks to my heart friend. I am going to be spending more time "looking up" too. Hugs!

Chris Lally said...

Thank you for sharing your sketchbook sky studies, Lisa! They are simple, yet powerful. And the photographs! I can see why you look up. The best things in life really are free:)

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful skies above and beautiful skies in your sketchbook!!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Beautiful! Clouds aren't easy to capture their personality. Well done.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hello Lisa

Purely ethereal layers of mystical loveliness captured in all of their elusive glory!~


I particularly am drawn to the one sky which floats that gull so effortlessly. Magical!

Love these new directions Lisa. Paint on!

Warmest regards,