Sunday, 1 August 2021

More ammonites in drypoint and collagraph


Fossil Three   drypoint 7.8x15cm   ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


Fossil Three   drypoint 7.8x15cm   ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Back to a favourite subject here...ammonites - well I do live on the Dorset coast. This time in collagraph and again in drypoint. Prints from both editions are available in my Folksy Store.

Just a Trace   collagraph 16x22.5cm   ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

I'm chasing my tail again this week with looming deadlines and I'm hoping to catch up with everyones blogs with a nice strong cuppa soon. Wish me luck.


laura said...

Beautiful exploration of an endlessly appealing subject!
Thank you for my little big sky painting, which arrived in perfect condition, along with the print! I love them both!

RH Carpenter said...

These are all lovely but the Just a Trace one = WOW! It really is a striking image. I wish I had a beach cottage full of your prints.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Laura, thank you. I'm so glad that you liked the big skies and the print. I think I might be becoming an ammonite bore :o)

Thank you so much Rhonda!