Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Transitions collagraphs


Transitions I - V  collagraphs xcm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


I love this time of year when the light mellows from summer to autumn. Mornings of mist and earlier evenings, colours change subtley at first and all the summer green retreats to gold and bronze. This is the time of the harvest moon, still time to pick the last berries from the hedgerows before the late autumn storms that will arrive. We have had so little rain here now for weeks, the fields where I walk have looked parched for a while and the ground is so hard. For now I will enjoy the autumn sun and look forward to the storms that will eventually come. The wild weather that churns the sea and throws pockets full of treasure to the shore for a different kind of hunting and gathering.


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Transition I collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition II collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition III collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition IV collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition V collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Details Transitions I - V collagraphs 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

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RH Carpenter said...

The transitions are lovely and do make one think of the autumn days with lowered sunsets, more golds and reds in the leaves and sky.