Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Just a card - Indie Week


This week is Just a Card's campaign week to celebrate and support artists, craftspeople and all small independent businesses. A wonderful idea, now in it's fifth year, sponsored by The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) and endorsed by many amazing supporters from the arts and business to celebs in the UK and around the world. 


Venus comb shell card   pen and wash   ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


Whilst I post images of paintings and printmaking, like a lot of artists, I also make small images for handmade cards which are available in my Folksy. Selected paintings and prints are available as cards, prints, stationery and accessories at RedBubble . All the 'just a card' sales help keep us going especially in recent times.

It is never just a card, just a print, just a painting... it always means so much more. Just imagine, every time you hit the checkout somewhere an artist, craftsperson and independant business owner is doing a happy dance. If they are like me there will be a huge smile on their face and a daft butt wiggle too. I don't think you would get that so often with big business would you? 
Just a Card  explain it so much more eloquently than I can, follow the link to the website. Support the campaign and support independents everywhere...go on you know you want to 😉



image by @cheerful.geek  find them on Instagram


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