Friday, 2 March 2012

A creative hobby

Greetings cards ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

A hobby of mine that I have enjoyed for a number of years has been card making. There is something very satisfying about working with design elements on a very small scale. One of the methods that I use is to carve eraser stamps with my own designs. I love the process from the initial designing to carving (with lino tools) the erasers which being small and very soft don't take long to do.

Today I have listed sets of three cards like those above in my Etsy store, (you can purchase them here).
I was just wondering what you thought and what your hobbies are when you are not busy painting. Do you find that your hobbies follow a creative bent?


Jeanette Jobson said...

These are lovely Lisa. Bright and clean, just perfect. I'm sure they'll sell quickly.

When not painting I dabble in several other things, photography, making jewelry, occasionally knitting. They're all linked to creativity, I think its beyond my control. :)

Zoe, ontheroad said...

I agree bright and probably quick to sell.

I am a dabbler and write for the local newspaper and art alliance.

Never got the hang of carving rubber.

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous cards! Art and gardening for me!!!!

Caroline Simmill said...

These are just lovely wow! what do you make the stamps out of? could you show us a card being created? The cards have a fresh seaside feel to them you really have captured the feeling of being by the sea. great! my hobbies are reading, visiting castles and gardens I am a member of the NTS and am fortunate enough to have lots of castles and gardens fairly nearby.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Good morning Jeanette, thank you about the cards. It's funny that even whilst we are not painting we are still being creative. I had a hunch it wasn't just me... The jewellery that you have on Etsy is lovely.

Hi Zoe, thank you I am keeping my fingers crossed, they sell well at exhibitions locally.
I admire anyone who can write. I often struggle with the words for a couple of sentences of blog post. With the amount I read I should have a much wider vocabulary.

Hello Maggie, thanks. Gardening.... yep I love that too. I will be starting some seeds later today. We turn the conservatory into a greenhouse this time of year to get a head start, it works very well. There's nothing like home grown veg.

Hi Caroline, thank you. The stamps are just erasers with a design drawn on and then carved out with lino cutting tools. If they are small I use ink stamps to apply the colours, for bigger ones in a single colour a printing roller. They are really very simple to do. I hit gold last summer when we took some guests to Lulworth castle and in their shop they had giant erasers about 4x6inch.
I guess you do have a lot of castles in your neck of the woods. Do you go out sketching to them too?

Caroline Simmill said...

I have been out sketching the trees as the castles have such wonderful trees. On Friday we went to the mountains, yesterday to the sea and a river inlet saw dolphins at the centre on the video as we missed the sighting of them in the bay in the morning. What kind of knife are you using to cut into an eraser they can be pretty hard to cut at times?