Friday, 5 August 2022

A trip home....and refilling the inspiration well

I have just come back from a trip home (I call it home even though I haven't actually lived there for nearly thirty years..) to Jersey. It had been far too long. My last stay had been pre-covid.  It was lovely to catch up with my folks and walk along the beaches which are so different to the ones in Dorset. For a start there is a much, much wider tidal ranges so interesting treasures are waiting to be found that are left by the tide. Also my eyes were opened to just how much litter is unfortunately left on the beach in Bournemouth during the summer, which is a sad observation to make. Jersey beaches are immaculately clean at any time of day or evening.

Anyway I thought I would bore you with some holiday snaps ;o)

Along the beach   photos ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

So many colours, shapes and textures.. I think a lifetimes work could be made just within these nine photos.

Whilst on the way to visit the Maritime Museum I was fascinated by the reflection patterns in the marina. The museum is absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend a visit.

We fitted in two castles and La Hougue Bie Museum too. The passage grave at La Hougue Bie is thought to be one of the ten oldest buildings in the world! It was lovely and cool to walk doubled over and crablike through the tunnel on what was a very hot day.

Sketchbook pages of water reflections in the marina ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

Marina reflections photograph ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

Unfortunately we came across this compass jellyfish left by the tide on one of our beach walks. Such a beautiful pattern of markings, I think I will be revisiting this page in the not too distant future.

Compass jellyfish and sketchbook pages   ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

As you can see someone else enjoyed her first visit too, especially the paddling and extra treats from Nanny and Grumpy.

So lots of new inspiration and ideas are now whizzing through head and waiting to emerge from my brushes.


laura said...

What a great post, Lisa--I really wish I were in Jersey! Your explorations of the eddies are beautiful, as are the compass jellyfish studies. I don't think I've ever seen a compass jellyfish--it's quite beautiful!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Laura, thank you, I wish I was still there too. It really was quite lovely to go back. I've been sketching out a jelly repeat pattern - I'm not sure how it is going though so will give it a rest and look with new eyes.

Best wishes. BTW, I am loving the plein air sketching you are doing.