Wednesday 24 May 2023

Rockpool series - lino monoprints


Rockpool Series   approximately 14x20cm lino monoprints   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

I have sadly neglected my blog this last few weeks due to a number of things - just life keeping me out of mischief rather than paint or ink - but I haven't been completely idle. A new series of work is underway which is really quite different to the gulls I had been painting. With the arrival of longer Spring days and a little more sunshine I have been feeling the season. Of course I am still roaming the coast but I have been turning more attention to rockpools and the memories of the ones we explored in Jersey on my last trip....back to limpets and limpet rings, summery colours and the joyous feeling of long Summer days. Fresh breezy colours and simplified shapes are dominating at the moment with a little green creeping in at the edges.

Rockpool Series   13x17.5cm   lino monoprint   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Rockpool Series   approximately 14x20cm lino monoprints with added drawing  ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Added drawing and mark making and then with the promise of some hot sun to come....golden yellow. All the images here are available to purchase from my  Folksy Store. I am enjoying this series immensely and can see lots of ways for it to develop so I will get back to my sketchbook and try a few more experiments, I wonder which path I will take next.

Rockpool Series   approximately 14x20cm lino monoprints with added drawing  ©2023LisaLeQuelenec


Debbie Nolan said...

Lisa these lino monoprints are so lovely...I especially love the colors you used. I understand about being so busy. It seems like this time of the year there is more than enough to do. Even so - isn't the month of May the best?? I certainly love it. Take care friend and hope you and Luna are taking lots of fun walks. Hugs!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

They are lovely.
I see them and think of sundresses in those patterns. Are you on Spoonflower?

Judy said...

Beautiful! Love the colours!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Debbie. I love May too, between painting and printing, family, four paws and the garden it is busy! After a cold and wet Spring everything is jumping into action - I'm attempting it myself ;o) Best wishes.

Thank you so much Maywyn. Funny you should talk about Spoonflower as it is a project for this year. I am building a collection of repeat patterns to open up a store there. For now the patterns are available on things premade but watch this space! These recent prints are making me think of floaty summer dresses - I think it is the fresh colours, they feel cooling to me. Best wishes for a creative week.

Thank you Judy, they feel refreshing in this hot weather - I hope you are seeing some of it too where you are.