Wednesday 3 July 2024

New repeat pattern - Coastal collection trellis design


I have a new pattern to share, an addition to my Coastal Collection on Spoonflower. This trellis design features motifs used in the collection and is available in the same colourways to co-ordinate with all the previous designs.

Coastal collection trellis design available at Spoonflower ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Each of the neutrals and blues side by side for comparison. I am in the process of revising the designs to add an additional white background to all the co-ordinates in the collection if blue and crisp white is more your style.

Coastal collection trellis design available at Spoonflower ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Coastal collection trellis design available at Spoonflower ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Above are some of the co-ordinating designs available.

Coastal collection trellis design available at Spoonflower ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Recently Spoonflower have added metallic silver and gold to their wallpaper range. I am not normally a shiny kind of girl but I have fallen in love the way the blue on taupe colours have printed on silver. My absolute favourite though is how the navy version looks on silver and gold - so rich and dramatic, it completely changes the feel. I haven't really thought about how coastal themes could be used to such effect but I rather like it.

Each of the colours, along with the co-ordinating patterns and plains can be found in their own collection here on the collections page in my store.

Coastal collection trellis design available at Spoonflower ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Alternatively the design can also be found in my RedBubble store in the Coastal Collection there. The motifs are also available as framed prints in each colour variation with framing options.

Coastal collection prints available at RedBubble ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I find it so thrilling that the technology and platforms exist that enable creatives to design and produce such a range of ideas and products. I never dreamed that I would be able to do this at the beginning of my career. Exciting times!


RH Carpenter said...

The different looks are so beautiful - varied and interesting just changing out one color or, as you said, adding a little sparkle :). Love your designs and so glad you were able to make this dream happen!!

Debbie Nolan said...

Wow Lisa what a wonderful set of designs. Your work looks absolutely gorgeous - the dark background of the wallpaper is stunning. So glad you are using Spoonflower and RedBubble platforms for your beautiful art.
Hope you are enjoying your walks along the sea with your pooch. Hugs!

laura said...

The technology is amazing. I love Spoonflower! But it's very dangerous for me--I always want to buy everything! Congratulations on your new pattern!