Thursday 8 February 2024

Lokta - media experiments on new to me paper and gathering resources


Top right - experiments with different media on handmade Lokta paper
Top left - initial ideas for a range of colours for the project
Bottom - experiments with lino ink and carved stamps

Gathering thoughts and experiments to continue with the pebble project.....

Experiments with different media on handmade Lokta paper  ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I bought some Lokta paper, it is A4 and a beautiful creamy colour, some with speckles. It is  thin, strong and fibrous and one side is slightly smoother than the other. I did the same experiments on both surfaces but the difference in results was negligible. Wetting the paper and tearing gives a lovely 'fluffy' edge (like most thin handmade papers) and it cuts well with knife and scissors - these are characteristics that I want to utilise in the coming works.

My next experiments were using lino printing ink in both bold colours, neutrals and off whites.

lino print experiment on Lokta paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

lino print experiment on Lokta paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

lino print experiment on Lokta paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The results are subtle, I had to photograph these with a dark paper behind to show the contrast as the camera struggles to pick up the pale tones. I rather like the effect though and will definitely be exploring very pale compositions at some point - maybe more as drawings....


Print, collage, acrylic ink and pencil on Lokta paper...about A6ish   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Exploring shape, line and rhythm. There is something very calming about drawing flowing lines. I'm making connections in my mind with Japanese gravel gardens, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham drawings and ripples on still water. I feel like I am edging towards something...maybe I am flowing too?

Sand ripples left by the tide   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Aren't these ripples divine? The tide was fast and strong to leave these behind, they are quite large and deep.

A Falling Tide   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The shot below was taken through the lens of my sunglasses - I like the dramatic tonal contrast.

Sand ripples through my sunglasses   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

All these sources will no doubt filter into this next body of work, I'm enjoying the process of collating and curating.


RH Carpenter said...

Oh, these are all lovely and the warmer tones really shine on the Lotka paper (not sure I’ve ever used it but have used many types of rice paper). And the Zen Garden ones - beautiful works that could be used for meditation :). I envy you your tide ripples - those photos are outstanding and I can see them turning up in your work this year :).

laura said...

Love reading about your process--there's something scientific about it. Look forward to following the evolution of the stone project.
Your photos of the ripples and low tides are wonderful! I want to paint them! :-)

Debbie Nolan said...

Lisa wow these are just great. You may call them experiments but I call them lovely works of art. As always your creativity speaks of the sea and shore which you know so well. Hope you are seeing warmer days and sunnier skies. Hugs!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you so much Rhonda, I think this is a year of linear motifs for me. It might have been that way for a while - it does seem to be developing and I am being drawn (excuse the pun) to more and more linear references. I think your prediction will be correct. Best wishes, it is so nice to see you back.

Hi Laura, my memory is quite hazy at times so I document and makes notes all the time. Some of my sketchbook pages read quite like recipe books on the off chance that I might want to repeat some accidental technique that I have stumbled upon. I have separate colour mixing sketchbooks to. Not that I am obsessive ;o)

Thank you so much Debbie. It is lovely spring sunshine today which has made up for the deluge the last couple of days - it felt like it wouldn't stop! I hope there is some sun for you in your part of the world. Best wishes.