Thursday 7 March 2024

Broken but Still Beautilful II & III


I neglected to post February's Broken but Still Beautiful drawing, time ran away with me again. So this month double bubble and two drawings to post!

Broken but Still Beautiful II   pencil on A4 paper   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The shell above I use often in flat lays when photographing my work for my shop. I love the elegant shape of the curves. It is also quite unusually pure white.

Broken but Still Beautiful III   pencil on A4 paper   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

No.III is full of elegant curves too, I think this is why I am so attracted to drawing the broken bits of whelks. They are so sculptural and the forms make for dramatic tonal values.


RH Carpenter said...

Oh, my, these are so…feminine in their curves and in their brokenness, too. We women are all hiding our broken bits from others and yet trying to accept and enjoy our curves. (Where did that thought come from? Gosh.). But these drawings are lovely and I am really attracted to the second - a bit more broken and open but lovely shapes and values.

laura said...

Broken shells are my favorite! I find them so hard to draw. I'm stunned by your drawings--you really got it "right," but there's also a wonderful ethereal quality to them!